December 12, 2011

Another Modeling Comp

So I've entered a new modeling comp, Static Future its the third cycle :) This one is fantasy themed, our models have to be an alien, so i thought id introduce you to my first alien model! Here's a little about her.

Her name is Dizzie (Diz) Emz, she knows nothing of her home Siren planet besides its where her father is from, but as far as she's concerned Earth is her home. Diz is half human on her mother's side, whom she's lived with since birth. She didn't meet her father until she was 12, her parents had agreed for her to be raised on Earth because of the war on Siren, her father had to stay to defend his home. After 12 years the war was over and he returned to Earth. Diz is now been living on her own for a year, she hopes to one day be able to visit Siren and find all about her alien side, thats been kept secret from her.



Ill try to have her available for download hopefully sometime later this week! <3